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Helping select families and businesses in Chandler/Mesa optimize wealth and enhance standard of living

Investment Strategy in Chandler/Mesa, AZ

We serve a select group of families and businesses in order to optimize wealth and retain or enhance their standard of living and income even if markets go down and taxes, interest rates and inflation go up.

What happens today is many clients (especially in retirement) are suffering the effects of too many cooks in the kitchen providing advice based on their own biases. In many situations, the client is left wondering who exactly is looking out for their best interest.

First and foremost, we NEVER use mutual funds or variable annuities. In our experience these investments are laden with high cost, up front and back end fees, and it's very hard to know what's going on inside of them; no transparency. An interesting study recently showed that on average over 80% of these mutual fund money managers could not even meet the index or sector that they claimed to be experts at. If they can't even meet that standard why pay the high cost of working with them? Interestingly enough, high net worth and institutional investors with very high dollar accounts almost never use mutual funds for some of these same reasons. They avoid excessive fees and they are attracted to anything with 20/20 vision, simplicity, and clearly defined fees.

Have you ever looked at the top of your statement and read, we have met or beat "OUR" standards? Do you think that is fair? How is it fair to judge my performance if I am the one setting the benchmark? With Cox and Company, we always hold ourselves to an industry wide standard like the S&P500. I always suggest to my clients that if we are NOT meeting or beating the S&P500 on a consistent basis (after fees) you should fire us. Your money is always completely liquid and you can make a change at any time, no cost to move in or out. Our feet are always to the fire, not yours.

Lastly, we never work on a commission basis. Your accounts with Cox and Company are always set up on a fee basis only. Never again will vou have to ask yourself, if your adviser is making a recommendation to make a change based on whether or not his wife needs a new purse or he needs a new car. We love this method as our interests are aligned. If vou do well, we do well. If vou lose, we lose. That is how it should be.

We have been serving clients in the South East Valley area which includes Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Ahwatukee, Arizona since 2005.

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